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Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Do you want to protect your pool and loved ones? By investing in a safety cover, you are given just that, as well as an attractive look. Safety covers not only make a yard safe, they also make opening and closing easier.

The safety covers we offer are made for durability and strength, with its double layered, reinforced cross-stitching and specially treated, UV resistant polyester material. It has solid connectors, corrosion resistant brass anchors and stainless steel springs, to help secure the cover. All these features keep the cover flush and secure to its surface, keeping anything from anything getting into the pool.

Why Choose Our Safety Covers ?

Our safety covers offer valuable safety features, help maintain cleaner water, contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings, and extend the usability of your pool. Installing a safety cover is a responsible choice that enhances both the safety and enjoyment of your swimming pool.

Ask about the colours available when you call for a free quote.

Benefits of a Safety Cover for Your Pool

diving rock with safety cover below
Enhanced Safety

Safety covers are typically strong, durable, and capable of supporting the weight of a person or animal, providing peace of mind, and reducing the risk of accidents.

pool safety cover
Debris Prevention

By minimizing the accumulation of debris, safety covers help maintain cleaner water, reducing the need for excessive filtration and chemical treatments.

outdoor hot tub covered in snow
Energy Efficiency

When the pool is covered, the cover acts as an insulation barrier, preventing heat from escaping. Additionally, safety covers help minimize water evaporation.

snow covered pool tarp
Long-Term Cost Savings

Safety covers help prolong the lifespan of pool equipment, as they prevent exposure to harsh elements, reducing the risk of damage.

pool cover

They are available in blue, green, tan, grey, and black, and can be matched to suit your landscape.

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Easy Maintenance

Closing the pool provides an opportunity to perform maintenance tasks, such as cleaning and inspecting pool equipment.

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