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Full Pool Closing

Prices based on a standard pool. ( Pools with spas, water features etc. will be priced accordingly )
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Skyview team Responsibilities:
- Lower water if necessary (for non-salt water pools only)
- Blow water out of the lines
- Clean cover while on pool
- Insert plugs & gizmos
- Remove ladders (diving boards by request only)
- Add winterizing chemicals
- Inspect and winterize equipment
- Install winter cover
- *minor parts or supplies needed will be billed as an added charge to the invoice - example plugs, gizmos or antifreeze

Partial Inground Pool Closing

Cover Only Package Includes:
- Install cover

Equipment Only Package Includes:
- Blow out the water lines
- Winterize pool equipment and feeders
- Winterize pool lighting
- Winterize pool heater
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