Above Ground Pools
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Above Ground Pool Installation

An above ground pool is a type of swimming pool that is installed on or above the ground level, rather than being dug into the ground like an inground pool. It consists of a freestanding structure made of various materials such as metal, resin, or wood, which forms the walls and supports the pool.

They are typically available in round, oval, or rectangular shapes and come in various sizes to accommodate different backyard spaces. They are also designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, allowing for portability and flexibility. They provide a more affordable and convenient option for homeowners who want to enjoy a swimming pool without the high costs and extensive construction associated with inground pools.

Our Pool Kit Options

Southport Pool Kit

  • Pool, Full Print Liner, Wide Mouth Skimmer
  • 18″ Sand Filter & 1 HP Pump
  • 3 Bags Silica Sand, Maintenance Kit
  • Deluxe Plumbing
  • Steel Top Ledges 
  • Steel Uprights

Tivoli Pool Kit

  • Pool, Full Print Liner, Wide Mouth Skimmer
  • 18″ Sand Filter & 1 HP Pump
  • 3 Bags Silica Sand, Maintenance Kit
  • Deluxe Plumbing
  • Resin Top Ledges 
  • Resin Uprights

Benefits of an Above Ground Pool

above ground pool
Lower Cost

They are a more accessible option for homeowners who want to enjoy a pool without a significant financial investment.

pool render above ground
Faster Installation

The pool structure is assembled using pre-fabricated components, which reduces the installation time.

Skyview Pool & Spa Limited

Above-ground pools are portable and can be disassembled and relocated if needed.

above ground pool

They can be equipped with safety features such as fences, gates, and pool alarms to enhance safety.

Skyview Pool & Spa Limited
Low Maintenance

The smaller volume of water and compact design make cleaning and maintenance tasks more manageable.

New Clean Pool
Seasonal Use

They can be set up during the summer months and easily disassembled or covered when not in use or during the off-season.

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