OnGround Pools

The Triumph on-ground system is an excellent solution for the home owner who wishes to have the quality of an In-ground swimming pool system with out the extensive construction burden. Triumph is a perfect solution to sloped backyards. Triumph is versatile enough to be buried from half-way, to all the way into the ground.  Through the combined efforts of their design, engineering, and production teams, they have left no stone unturned, and have compromised nothing when developing this system. Triumph boasts a unique, exclusive two piece coping/top cap design giving superior versatility during the installation process. The Triumph two piece coping system offers the option of using the top cap around the entire top of the wall, or only around a portion of the wall which is not covered by your deck system. The coping is available in either double or triple track, the double track design allows one track for the liner and the second track for an optional fitted winter cover. Triple track coping offers the same options as above.

Built To Last

The Triumph system is constructed using 14 Gauge, commercial quality (ASTM A526) continuous hot dipped Z700 galvanized steel, the best in the industry. Galvanize is the term used for the application of Zinc to carbon steel. Galvanizing is an effective corrosion protective method for two main technical reasons:

It provides a protective barrier against water and oxygen the same way paint does but is much more durable.
Zinc has a higher electric potential than carbon steel and therefore works as a ‘sacrificial anode’, also known as cathodic protection.
Because the triumph is constructed using this superior material, you can rest assured that the Triumph is the most durable panel on the market today.


With twenty two different sizes, you are sure to find a Triumph uniquely special for your backyard.

Round Pool Dimensions

Oval Pool Dimensions