Vinyl Pools

Skyview offers you two distinct types of Inground Vinyl Pools

Steel Inground Panels
NEW Multi-flex Polymer Wall System

Steel Inground Panels

Our panels have been welded with silicon bronze using MIG welding method.  This adds material rather than melting the two surfaces together like stud welding.  The four corners are welded and four places on each gusset stiffener.  Silicon Bronze is a corrosion resistant alloy with a low melting point which allows welding to occur at lower temperature than conventional welding (or stud welding).  After the weld is made, a zinc rich paint is applied to the weld to provide both galvanic and isolation corrosion protection.

Multi-Flex Polymer Wall System

This new concept of flexible panels allows the creation of endless shapes to better meet today’s consumer tastes. These award winning polymer panels are strong and durable. Made of stable, non biodegradable polymer foams, greatly increases the longevity of the pool. A thermal screen also holds heat within the pool and blocks the penetrating cold from surrounding soils. These Multi-Flex panels are made from 100% virgin, polypropylene non-corrosive material.